At Continental, we believe in developing our partners for the mutual growth. All our trainings are carefully created to focus on four training pillars: Business, Product, Technical and Retail Operation. We believe through continuous learning that our business partners will grow stronger together and deliver exceptional services to our loyal consumers.

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Technical Pillar

One of the key reasons to retain consumer loyalty at dealers is the quality service provided. Continental Malaysia provides professional technical trainings that cover maintenance know-how procedures, best practices, and troubleshooting knowledge to all our dealers.


Equipping your team with excellent product knowledge will help your company :

  • Customise product offerings according to consumer requirement to maximise satisfaction and upsells
  • Accurately assist the customers on their needs
  • Improve customer experience

Tyre Basics

This course covers various components in a tyre and their functions, detailed explanation of tyre side (tyre marking) and all the topics mentioned here in the curriculum.


By the end of this course, you should understand :

  • Continental history and extended tyre technology
  • Explanation of tyre side details
  • Best practices to extend tyre lifespan

Who should attend

Suitable for beginners to the industry

Key Contents

  • Module 1 : History
  • Module 2 : Construction
  • Module 3 : How to read a tyre
  • Module 4 : Factors affecting tyre life
  • Module 5 : Technology

Webinar EP 4

Partnering For Growth with Castrol

Are you interested in diversifying product and service offerings in your workshop? Want to know how Castrol can help you reach younger consumers through a digital approach? We are proud to introduce our newest partner, Castrol.

Meet them at the introductory session “Partnering for Growth – with Castrol” on April 20, 2022, at 6 p.m.

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Continental Tyres PJ Malaysia Castrol Cover


By the end of this course, you should understand :

  • To learn what is the mission and direction of Castrol in Malaysia
  • Understand what products are available in the market and how Castrol pioneers technology leadership
  • To understand the concept of Castrol Auto Service network, what programs are available to reach more users, and how Castrol can help you upgrade your business

Who Should Attend

Suitable for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, supervisors.

Key Contents

  • Our Story and Brand Heritage
  • Our Product Range Offer and Technology Leadership
  • Our Castrol Auto Service Network & Offers to Workshop